Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 25 Number 3    September 1973

Natural Science and Christian Faith as Elements in a Cultural Con          91    Watts, W. W. Article
Satisfaction, Drugs and Identification          96    Ashwin, James G. Article
The Relationship of Drugs to Contemporary Religion          99    Denton, A. Robert Article
Heroin Addiction: Teen Challenge vs. Transactional Analysis: A St          106    Johnston, G. Archie Article
Would You Give This Woman an Abortion? [5 cases and response]          109    Gardner, R. F. R. Communication
Galileo and the Church: Tensions with a Message for Today, Part 3          111    Leith, T. H. Article
Creation and the Word          128    Verbiscar, Anthony J. Letter to the Editor
Responses on Body and Soul [re. Howard, 24.4 p. 147]          128    Vos, Johannes G. & Haberer, F. W. Letter to the Editor
Further Responses on Inerrancy [re. Dialogue between Bube and Maatman]          164    Payne, J. Burton & Harris, R. Laird Letter to the Editor
Responses on Dialogue on Evolution [24.4]          167    Knobloch, Irving W. & Goleman, Charles G. Letter to the Editor
On Teaching Creation and Evolution          168    Raaflaub, Vernon A. Letter to the Editor
Review of Kuhn Disappointing [re. Cook, 25.1 p. 34-38]          169    Kay, Charles D. Letter to the Editor
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