Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 25 Number 2    June 1973

What is Life?          41    Mennega, Aaldert Article
Christian Perspectives on Abortion          44    Shacklett, Robert L. Article
Constitutional Guarantees [re. abortion]          46    Jeanes, Samuel A. Letter to the Editor
Potential vs. Actualized Humanity?          48    Tooley, Michael Letter to the Editor
Humanness Not Purely Physical          51    Brown, Gordon Letter to the Editor
Abortion: A Subject for Research          53    DeHoff, John Article
A Christian Definition of Death          56    Ramm, Bernard Article
Life, Death and Hope: The Rule of Life          60    Weisiger, Carl N., III Article
Life, Death and Hope          60    Meads. Kent F. Article
Galileo and the Church: Tensions with a Message for Today,          64    Leith, T. H. Article
A New Age for the Universe?          66    Metz, William D. Letter to the Editor
Creation and Evolution in Science Education          68    Fischer, Robert B. Communication
Creation and Evolution in Science Education          69    Bube, Richard H. Communication
A One-Sided Emphasis          75    Rich, Ronald Letter to the Editor
Comments on 'Dialogue on Inerrancy' (June 1972) [24.2]          75    Fish, Gordon E. & Cramer, John A. et al. Letter to the Editor
reply to Book Review [Drost, 24.3 p. 118 re. 'International Direc          77    Moberg, David O. Letter to the Editor
Paul Tournier: Christian Man of Science          79    Collins, Gary R. Article
Tributes to Tournier          83    Miller, Keith & et al. Letter to the Editor
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