Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 25 Number 1    March 1973

The Christian and Ecology html    1    Kennedy, E. James Article
Man Has a Positive Responsibility to Manage Nature   html 3 Research Scientists Christian Fellowship Article
Biblical Perspectives on the Ecology Crisis html    4    Armerding, Carl E. Article
The Population Explosion html    9    Mixter, Russell L. Article
Christian—It's Your Environment Too html    13    Linn, D. Wayne Article
The Engineer, the Consumer and Pollution html    17    Fandrich, Helmut Article
Galileo and the Church: Tensions with a Message for Today, Part I html    21    Leith, T.H. Article
Man Come of Age: Bonhoeffer's Response to the God-of-the-Gaps html    24    Bube, Richard H. Abstract
Optimism and Pessimism: Science and Eschatology html    24    Bube, Richard H. Abstract 
Sociobiology and Population Problems: Perspectives html    25    Terman, C. Richard Abstract
Man and the Environment: An Appraisal of International html    25    Houston, James M. Abstract
Ecological Considerations in Relation to the Holy Land's Productivity html    25    Jennings, George J. Abstract
The Ten Commandments (concerning the Christian attitude towards science) html    39    Balian, Alex R. Communication
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