Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 24 Number 2    June 1972

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The Interpretation of the Bible in the Light of Extra-biblical Kn [HTML]          41    Research Scientists Christian Fellowship Article
The Nature of Biblical Inerrancy [HTML]          47    Fuller, Daniel P. Article
Notes on the Predispositions of Scientific Thought and Practice [HTML]          51    Leith, T. H. & + Article
The Tasaday and the Problem of Social Evolution [HTML]          58    Jennings, George J. Article
Tone Down the Rhetoric [HTML]          75    Batteau, John M. Letter to the Editor
315 Years Later [HTML]          75    McIntyre, John Communication
Translational Errors [re. Brauer, 23.3 p. 78] [HTML]          76    Wilcox, Floyd Letter to the Editor
Genetics and Eve [HTML]          77    LaBar, Martin Letter to the Editor
An Open Letter of Protest [HTML]          77    Gish, Duane T. Letter to the Editor
Reply to 'An Open Letter of Protest' by Gish, p. 77 [HTML]          79    Bube, Richard H. Letter to the Editor
Inerrancy, Revelation and Evolution [A Dialogue] [HTML]          80    Maatman, Russell W. & Bube, Richard H. Article
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