Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 24 Number 4    December 1972

Psychology in the Seventies [HTML]          129    Ruble, Richard Article
Psychology in the 70's [HTML]          129    Ruble, Richard Editorial
Reader's Responses to Dialogue on Inerrancy [24.2, p. 80] [HTML]          130    Anon Letter to the Editor
Christianity and Psychology: Contradictory or Complementary? [HTML]          131    Ellison, Craig W. & + Article
The Psychologist-Christian [HTML]          135    Malony, H. Newton Article
Behavioral Psychology in Christian Perspective [HTML]          144    Koteskey, Ronald L. Article
The Concept of Soul in Psychology and Religion [HTML]          147    Howard, J. K. Article
The Torch Passes [HTML]          155    Bube, Richard H. & Others Editorial
Speed Saves Time: Scientifically Demonstrated [HTML]          158    Bube, Richard H. Communication
Paleontologic Evidence and Organic Evolution [HTML]          160    Moore, John N. Article
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