Science in Christian Perspective


Jaki Appreciated
J. Oliver Buswell, Jr. Quarryville Presbyterian Home
Quarryville, Pennsylvania 17566

From: JASA 24 (September 1972): 127

I greatly appreciate the article by Prof. Jaki in the Journal ASA 24, 12 (1972). I strongly protest against the comments in "Other Options."

The Bible clearly' implies and explicitly teaches from beginning to end, including tne words recorded of Christ, that the human soul is a substantive entity, a re. s- not a mere cogitotio, a being who thinks and acts through the hody' as an instrument. Your suggestion that the soul is only a "property" of "emergent systems" which, between death and resurrection, exists only "in the mind of God," radically contradicts the explicit teaching of Our Lord.

I recognize that you try to leave open another "option" in the piano-player analogy. But I must say that if there is any rationality in that analogy, it is entirely within the horizon of Jaki's metaphysical dualism.

Maybe you meant to refer to a piano-music analogy; but a piano has no music without a substantive player, personal or mechanical.