Science in Christian Perspective


Why One Woman Has Joined the ASA

From: JASA 24 (September 1972): 127.
I joined the American Scientific Affiliation for two reasons:

No. 1. in spite of II Corinthians 6:14, I married an agnostic. pray for his salvation and trust the Holy Spirit to use me to help him know Christ. He is interested in science, especially physics. Therefore, I hope he will read the publications of the ASA. They will show him that science and faith are compatible.

The first issue of the Journal ASA was written in language too complicated for me, but he picked it up and said "My. This is good. I'd like to read this."

No, 2. We have three small boys and one small girl. We want to help them find the best direction. I can remember the religions training of my childhood, and much of it crumbles under scientific analysis. I did some rethinking during my college years. One Christian professor strengthened my faith. Therefore, I want to provide Christian teaching with which they can identify that is intellectually respectable.

I have known about the ASA since I was a member of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship on campus at Eastern Illinois University. I believe that the Holy Spirit led me to join the ASA-not for myself-for my family.

Name withheld on request.