Science in Christian Perspective

 Letter to the Editor

Translational Errors
Dr. Floyd Wilcox 
Associate Professor of Science 
Central Wesleyen College 
Central, South Carolina 29630

From: JASA  24 (June 1972): 76.

In the communication of O.L. Brauer (Journal ASA 23, 78, (1971)) comments were made concerning translational errors in the Bible. Most people (theologians and otherwise) agree that there are some translational errors in the King James Version (and other versions) of the Bible. However, one must consider the difference between occasional errors in translation and gross errors that change a complete Biblical doctrine. Mr. Brauer does not seem to have made this distinction. I am not and do not pretend to be a Greek or Hebrew scholar as would be necessary to research his claim. However, I do believe that the Scriptures substantiate an immortal eternal soul (Matthew 10:28, Matthew 16:26 and Acts 2:31) which will spend eternity in a literal Hell (Acts 2:31, Luke 16:23, II Peter 2:4) or a literal Heaven (II Thess, 4:18, Phil, 3:20,21; II Corinthians 5:1). The Bible also teaches that it is not God who sends us to Hell but it is our own choosing-it depends solely upon our acceptance or rejection of the finished work of Jesus Christ, God's only Son.
By assuming a translational error in one or two words, Mr. Brauer is willing to discard the complete Biblical doctrine of salvation and thus the total purpose of God's inspiring the writing of the Bible. It is inconsistent to believe that God could inspire the Bible and then not be able to preserve it through the centuries.