Science in Christian Perspective

 Letter to the editor

Request for Technical Books and Journals
P. B. Childs 
Department of Chemistry 
Makerere University 
P.O. Box 16020 Kampala, Uganda

From: JASA 24 (March 1972): 39.

May I congratulate you on the quality of the Journal ASA, I feel it is really getting to grips with the problems and providing a real forum for discussion. Could I ask for an article sometime discussing the evidence for an object on the top of Mount Ararat? It is a subject of interest to all Christians and I myself would like an objective appraisal of the evidence.

My main reason for writing is to ask you whether you could put an appeal in the Journal ASA for technical books and journals for our Department here. I am teaching Chemistry at Makerere and one of my main reasons for coming was that I felt God wanted me to teach in Africa. Since I have been here I have been trying to improve our Departmental Library and bring it up to date. Our own funds for this are limited and I have been trying to get donations of materials from various sources.

I wonder if you could circulate this appeal to your members and readers, since this is a practical way of helping a developing country. I am mainly interested in recent chemistry textbooks (or related disciplines such as Materials Science or Chemical Physics or Solid State) or monographs-these should be sent direct to me at the above address. We would also like back copies of journals which we do not have, if anyone would like to get rid of any: in particular J. American Ceramic Society, I. Electrochemical Society, Inorganic Chemistry, J. Physics and Chemistry of Solids etc. Anyone wishing to donate journals should contact me first to see whether we need what is offered-this is because postage on journals is so expensive that it is not worth sending them unless we need them. I'm afraid that we cannot pay postage costs, but if books or journals are sent by surface book post this shouldn't he too much. Books in physics or biological sciences would also be acceptable, and I would donate them to other Departments concerned.