Science in Christian Perspective


Reader's Responses to Dialogue on Inerrancy
(Journal ASA 24, 80, June 1972)


From: JASA 24 (December 1972): 130.

No one would claim that a 2.8% sampling gives statistically meaningful results, but that is all the returns that our readers have given us on our Dialogue on Inerraney. We can think of all kinds of reasons that our urgent requests for response have fallen an deaf ears but we prefer to believe that our readers just couldn't bring themselves to cut the response form out of the Journal ASA and thus mar its otherwise pristine beauty. The responses are as follows,

12% I agree wholly with Maatman.
16% I agree mostly with Maatman, but same with Bube.
27% I agree mostly with Bube, but some with Maatman.
39% I agree wholly with Bube.
6% My position is substantially different from either Maatman's or Bube's.
If we assign a numerical value of 1 to "wholly", 3/4 to "mostly" and 1/4 to "some", we conclude that of this sampling 31% favored Maatman, 63% favored Rube, and 6% differed from both.