Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 23 Number 3    September 1971

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The Voice of the Ordinary [HTML]          81    Hayes, Stuart F. Article
The Phenomena of Pentecost [HTML]          83    McCone, R. Clyde Article
The Behavior of Tongues [HTML]          89    Mayers, Marvin H. Article
Literary Statistics and Pauline Authorship I. Historical Backgrou [HTML]          96    Nieboer, Maynard C. Article
The Contribution of Gordon Allport (1897-1967) to the Psychology [HTML]          99    Malony, H. Newton Article
Some Developmental Ideas of Jean Piaget [HTML]          104    Clouse, Bonnidell Article
Halfway Home [HTML]          108    Denton, A. Robert Article
Two Impressive Events [HTML]          120    Neidhardt, W. Jim Letter to the Editor
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