Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 23 Number 4    December 1971

Complete Issue [PDF]
We Believe in Creation [HTML]          121    Bube, Richard H. Article
The Protein Clock [HTML]          123    Sparks, Hale Article
An Inconsistent Position [Critique of Sparks, 23.4, p. 123] [HTML]          125    Gish, Duane T. Article
Scientific Tool or Creation Pitfall? [Response to Sparks, 23.4 p. [HTML]          128    Albert, Jerry D. Article
Why No Broadcasts by Christian Scientists? [HTML]          128    Haas, Jr., J. W. Article
Proto-neolithic Adam and Recent Anthropology [HTML]          130    Pearce, E. K. Victor Article
Not a Viable Theory (Critique of Pearce, 23.4, 130) [HTML]          132    Seely, Paul H. Article
Who Was Adam? [HTML]          137    Jennings, George J. Article
Biblical Evolutionism? [HTML]          140    Bube, Richard H. Article
Developmentalism? [Response to Bube, 23.4, p. 140] [HTML]          142    Mixter, Russell L. Article
Contains an Unprovable and Inadmissible Element [HTML]          142    Maatman, Russell W. Article
Reply to Maatman [23.4, 142] [HTML]          144    Bube, Richard H. Article
Truth or Consequences? [HTML]          144    Hearn, Walter R. Article
Anatomy of a Confrontation (An Interview with Vernon L. Grose) [HTML]          146    Bredesen, Harald Article
Reply to Book Review of 'The Bible, Natural Science & Evolution' [HTML]          157    Maatman, Russell Letter to the Editor
Evidence for Evolution from the Fossil Record [HTML]          158    Cuffey, Roger J. Letter to the Editor
Reply by Moore [to Cuffey, p. 158] [HTML]          159    Moore, John N. Letter to the Editor
Disagrees with Cuffey [re. Cuffey, 22.4] [HTML]          159    Butler, J. Lowell Letter to the Editor
Reply by Cuffey [re. Butler, p. 159] [HTML]          160    Cuffey, Roger, J. Letter to the Editor
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