Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Making Our Poison Our Medicine
E. Raymond Moore, Jr. 
819 Milledge Rd. Augusta, Georgia 30904

From: JASA 23 (March 1971): 38.

Let us delight that our Biblical Faith no longer has a scientific-historical foundation. Professor van de Fliert (Journal ASA 21, 69 (1969) ) has done a masterly job of showing that Biblical Christianity cannot be reconciled with contemporary geological truth. Thanks for constructing a sandstone foundation where Professors Morris and Whitcomb were able only to construct a "loose sand" foundation..

The evangelical may apologize now more heartily in the intellectual community as he seeks to wield the "doll" sword of the Spirit rather than the full blade of Biblical Truth.

Of course it should be obvious to all evangelicals, as Professor van de Fliert has so ably demonstrated, that belief in inerrancy in scientific-historical matters has done more to undermine a Biblical Faith than belief in a mere amalgam of evolutionary and Biblical thought. Thanks again to Professor van de Fliert for making our poison our medicine.