Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


A Very Naive Approach
Gilbert W. Franz 
1230 Rertling St. Gape Giroudeao, Missouri 63701

From: JASA 23 (March 1971): 38.

After being connected with A.S.A. for a number of years I find it necessary to bring the association between us to a close. I find in your Journal just that confusion of thought and logic which characterizes the attitude of the entire scientific community towards the Hebrew and Creek scriptures (that most people who call themselves Christians know as the Holy Bible.)

I find in the pages of the Journal a very naive approach to science and the scriptures. It seems from these pages that everything presented by scientists as the truth must be true, without a second examination for actual proof. On the other hand, scripture is interpreted (or twisted) to say anything else but that which it really says. Anyone who takes certain scriptures at face value faces castigation in your pages. (See Journal ASA 22, 28 (1970) for one good example.)

I would appreciate very much the removal of my name from your mailing and membership lists.