Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Jerry D. Albert 
5202 Cobb Place San Diego, CA 92117

From: JASA 23 (March 1991): 38

The June issue (Journal ASA 22, No. 2 (1970) was truly excellent. I especially appreciated the emphasis on medical ethics-birth control, abortion, etc. I think the statements of the Christian Medical Society were Biblical, sound and reasonable.

I appreciated very much your critical review of Bolton Davidheiser in the March issue (Journal ASA 22, 28 (1970)) I heard him speak to a local fundamentalist church group on the contradictions, weaknesses, etc. in biological evolutionary theory. Most of his arguments were full of non-sequiturs, circular reasoning, outdated science, faulty Biblical exegesis and hermeneutics. The task of the ASA is made more difficult, I think, because scientists who are non-Christians get the impression that Christians are divided over the relationship between science and religion.