Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 22 Number 3    September 1970

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New Facets of the Evolution Controversy [HTML]          81    Bube, Richard H. Editorial
Evolution: Required Or Optional in a Science Course? [HTML]          82    Moore, John N. Article
Adam and Anthropology: A Proposed Solution [HTML]          88    Seely, Paul H. Article
The Dying of the Giants [HTML]          91    Springstead, William A. Article
Critique of “The Dying of the Giants” [HTML]          93    Cuffey, Roger J. Article
The Biblical Calendar of History [HTML]          98    Camping, Harold Article
Charles Lyell and the Noachian Deluge [HTML]          107    Moore, James R. Article
Creation and Evolution are Antithetical [HTML]          119    Davidheiser, Bolton Letter to the Editor
Print December 1969 Issue as Monograph [HTML]          119    Johnson, Virginia Letter to the Editor
Mr. Harold Hill and Joshua's Long Day [HTML]          120    Doble, Marion Letter to the Editor
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