Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 22 Number 1    March 1970

A New Decade [HTML]          2    Bube, Richard H. Editorial
Physics in the Future: Where Do We Go From Here? [HTML]          4    Ruark, Arthur E. Article
A Psychologist's Perspective: The Manipulation of Human Behavior [HTML]          8    Collins, Gary R. Article
A Sociologist's Perspective: The Manipulation of Human Behavior [HTML]          14    Moberg, David O. Article
Christianity and the Military Establishment [HTML]          18    Cuthbertson, William W. Article
A Set of Christian Theses on Violence and War [HTML]          21    Bube, Richard H. Communication
The Creative Power of God          22    Hubbard, David Allan Letter to the Editor
Darwin and Spontaneous Generation [HTML]          31    Aulie, Richard P. Communication
Environmental Exploitation due to Fallen Human Nature [HTML]          34    Touryan, Kenneth J. Letter to the Editor
It is So Simple [HTML]          34    Erkkila, Bruce H. Letter to the Editor
Pro and Con van de Fliert [critique of 'The Genesis Flood', 21.3] [HTML]          35    Dye, David L. & Moore, James R., Key, Thomas, Morris, Henry M., Wheeless, J. Vernon, Raaflaub, Vernon A. Letter to the Editor
Changes in ASA Name, Convention Locations and Membership Categories [HTML]          35    Higgs, William R. Letter to the Editor
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