Science in Christian Perspective



We Remember                         RUSSELL D. STURGIS (1902-1969)

Russell D. Sturgis, a member of the original group of five Christian men of science whose meeting eventually gave birth to the American Scientific Affiliation, passed away in November 1969. Dr. Sturgis earned his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1924, and was awarded an honorary Sc.D. degree by the University of Delaware in 1964. He devoted 40 years of his life to the teaching of chemistry and served as the Head of the Chemistry Department at Ursinus College. He was a Deacon at the First Baptist Church of Norristown, Pennsylvania, and taught the Men's Class for over 40 years. In a statement of Christian faith written for the ASA in 1966, Dr. Sturgis said, "Knowing that the Bible is the Word of God, 1 have always believed that it needed no defense. In 40 years of teaching 1 have seen chemistry change greatly, but God's Word has not changed." Dr. Sturgis had just been elected to the position of Emeritus Member of the ASIA when news of his death reached the ASIA office.