Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Changes in ASA Name, Convention Locations and Membership Categories
William R. Higgs 
Department of Civil Engineering and Geology 
Louisiana Polytechnic Institute 
Ruston, Louisiana 71270

From: JASA 22 (March 1970): 35.

I am in agreement that under the circumstances mentioned by C. Ray Carlson (Journal ASA 21, 59 (1969) ) a suitable name change for the journal and of course for the organization might be an advantage. However, finding a name that is in line with the objectives of the organization is quite another matter. Perhaps suggestions should be solicited? How about Christian Scientific Affiliation? That goes right along with the Christian Scientific Symposium held at Calvin College.

For some reason or other, I found this June issue of the Journal of greater reading interest than previous issues. Maybe it's because of more lucid writing, or topics were more timely, or could it be editorial organization?

Another question concerns having an ASA Convention closer to this section of the country. I know from experience that conventions are best planned for areas where there appears a good volume of the membrship, but it's also good publicity to plan such where the organization is not so well known. This might help bring more like-minded people into the fold. In a check of the membership list plus those added March 8, 1969, I found 98 members in the 9 state area of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Tennessee. Shouldn't this be enough for a regional meeting or at least one national meeting once every 4 or 5 years?

At the foot of page 1, ASA NEWSLETTER Vol. 11, No. 1, Editor's Note, mention is made of "Fellows of the ASA are Brahmins . . . a selfperpetuating caste.

This seems to me an odd situation among "Christians" who before God are all alike. We do have membership classifications in many organizations but for such delineation to exist in an organization whose purpose is glorification of God through the inspired apologetic of His creation to the world, is an anachronism. All who support the ASA with an annual financial contribution known as "dues" should be classed simply as members: nothing more, nothing less.

(Editor's Comment: Readers of the NEWSLETTER learn not to take the imaginative prose of the Editor of that publication too seriously.)