Science in Christian Perspective



Fides et Historia: A New Journal
Robert D. Linder 
Department of History 
Kansas State University, 
Manhattan, Kansas 66502

From: JASA 21 (September 1969): 92.

One of the primary aims of this publication will be to encourage communication, dialogue, and discussion among evangelical Christians deeply interested in the study of history. This can he done in a variety of ways; articles, essays, book reviews, counter-reviews, dialogues, debates, and other imaginative means. Hopefully, when we disagree vigorously over certain issues, we will do so in a professional manner and keep our Christian "cool." It seems to me that there are a number of areas of potential disagreement, especially when one keeps in mind the rich variety of evangelical emphasis.

Fides et Historia will serve as the official organ of the Conference on Faith and History. It will appear twice yearly.