Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Archaeology and the Bible
Edwin M. Yamauchi 
199 Berger St. Somerset, N. 1. 08873

From: JASA 21 (June 1969): 61-61

I read with interest the letter of Dr. William F. Campbell (Journal ASA 20, 122 (1968).

Perhaps some of the titles are already familiar, but the following are some (inexpensive) works on the subject of archaeology and the Bible:

1). F. F. Bruce. The N. T. Documents: Are They Reliable? London: Inter-Varsity Fellowship, 5th ed.
1960, 128 pp.
2). Allan A. MacRae, Biblical Archaeology. Marshallton, Del., 19808 [Box 5103]: Natl. Foundation for Christian Education, 1967, pp. 58.
3). E. Jerry Vardaman. Archaeology and the Living Word. Nashville: Boardman Press, 1965, 128 pp.
4). Howard F. Vos, ed. Can I Trust the Bible? Chicago: Moody Press, 1963, pb. 1968. This contains the following chapters: 1) Cordon H. Clark, "How May I Know the Bible Is Inspired?"; 2) Frank 0. Green, "Can We Believe in the Miraculous?"; 3) Edson B. Peck, "Does Science Contradict the Bible?"; 4) B. Laird Harris, "What Books Belong in the Canon of Scripture?"; 5) Robert D. Culver, "Were the 0. T. Prophecies Really Prophetic?"; 6) R. Laird Harris, "How Reliable Is the 0. T. Text?"; 7) Meredith C. Kline, "Is the History of the 0. T. Accurate?"; 8) A. Berkeley Mickelsen, "Is the Text of the N. T. Reliable?"; 9) Robert H. Mounce, "Is the N. T. Historically Accurate?"
5). Edwin M. Yamauchi. Composition & Corroboration in Classical & Biblical Studies. Philadelphia: Pres
byterian & Reformed Pub. Co., 1966, 38 pp.
6). In a more expensive volume are two articles on archaeology and two on biblical criticism. Carl F. H. Henry, ed. Revelation and the Bible. Philadelphia: Presbyterian & Reformed Pub. Co., 1958.