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Letter to the Editor


Freedom Now: A New Journal
Fred A. Alexander
Freedom Now Inc.  
Box 64 Savannah, Ohio 44874

From: JASA 21 (June 1969): 61-62.

Many people believe that complete integration would provide freedom for the Negro. This is a serious mistake. The Bible says, "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." Complete integration, removal of all forms of discrimination, improved educational facilities and the destruction of poverty woulçl not provide freedom now. Only salvation through Jesus Christ and the application of His message to every aspect of life can bring true freedom. So the responsibility of every Christian is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness.

Many other people believe that a simple salvation message would provide freedom now. This is also a serious mistake. By all means there must be a simple salvation message, but to provide complete freedom now, the whole gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached and practiced. To practice the whole gospel of Jesus Christ means, we believe, to have integration, to remove all forms of discrimination, to improve educational facilities and to fight poverty. Many sincere people feel that this is the old social gospel. But surely the gospel of Jesus Christ is partly social for it touches every phase of an individual's life, not just the "religions" phase. Surely being born again means being born again in the whole man, political, social, economical, personal etc. The truth which makes men free makes their whole life free.

This Journal (Freedom Now) is dedicated to the cause of Freedom Now in the above two aspects. It will be especially directed to the white fundamentalist with a deep desire that it might also be a blessing to our Negro Christian brethren as together we endeavor to make Christ known to ALL AMERICANS.