Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Study of Hooykaas Recommended

Norman D. Lea, Senior Principal. 
N. D. Leo and Associates, Ltd. 
100 Adelaide St. Toronto 1, Canada

From:  JASA 21 (March 1969): 32

Both Lindberg and Siemens seem to miss the point of the impact which Christianity has had upon science. The most knowledgeable author on this subject is B. Hooykaas, a renowned historian and evangelical Christian scholar who has devoted many years of his life to the subject. His writings are few but powerful. "Christian Faith and the Freedom of Science", Tyndal Press 1957, is one of the most pertinent. The discussion in the ASA Journal is incomplete without reference to Hooykaas. I recommend that you try to get him to write something for A.S.A., or failing that, arrange for a younger European scholar to do a review of Hooykaas' work.