Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 20 Number 2    June 1968

Determinism, Degrees of Freedom, and the Christian [HTML]          33    Dolby, James R. Article
Mathematical Thinking and Christian Theology [HTML]          37    Verno, C. Ralph Article
An Examination of a Proposed New Religion Based on Science [HTML]          41    Weaver, Gilbert Article
My Philosophy and Experience Concerning the Practical Application [HTML]          48    Showalter, Richard Lee Article
The Evolutionary Significance of the Species Variation in Cytochr [HTML]          52    Mills, Gordon C. Article
Origins of Life [HTML]          56    Randal, Judith & Knobloch, Irving W. Communication
The Significance of the Synthesis of Biologically Active DNA [HTML]          57    Mills, Gordon C. Communication
The Sources of Science [re. Siemens, 19.4] [HTML]          58    Parelius, Daniel Letter to the Editor
Reply by D. F. Siemens [to Parelius, p. 58] [HTML]          60    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
The Bible and Human Evolution [re. Horner, 19.4, p. 105] [HTML]          60    Cole, Frank Letter to the Editor
Response to Mr. Cole [p. 60] [HTML]          61    Horner, George R. Letter to the Editor
Choice [HTML]          64    Mixter, Russell L. Communication
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