Science in Christian Perspective

Letters to the Editor


Concerning President Bube's "The Relationship Between the ASA and the Scientific Community"  

James A. Oakland   Leon W. Gillaspie

From: JASA 20 (September 1968):96

As a nominal member of the ASA, I found my interest and enthusiasm about the association strikingly increased. Prior to this, my feeling had been that the association was largely parochial and non-significant with regard to the factors listed in your article. Other colleagues have indicated similar feelings and have long since dropped their membership. Your action is commendable and can be enthusiastically supported; I suspect that it will have repercussions but that the net effect will be exceptionally profitable.

James A. Oakland, Ph.D. Instructor,
Dept of Pediatrics School
of Medicine
of Washington, Seattle


One area of President Bube's note in the March, 1968, issue leaves a question in my mind.

In one sentence he hopes we will "break clear of the dry bones of arguments about creation, evolution, Adam . . .," etc. In the next sentence he challenges us to "faithfulness to His Word."

It seems to me that "creation" and "Adam" at least are pretty crucial items, hardly "dry bones," and are decidedly vital to "faithfulness to His Word."

Leon W. Gillaspie
Executive Vice-President

Southeastern Bible College Birmingham, Alabama