Russell Mixter

Professor of Biology
Wheaton College
Wheaton IL

Beginning with the March 1969 issue, the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation will be edited by Richard H. Bube, who retires from the presidency of the Affiliation at the end of this year. Dr. Bube has demonstrated his aptitude for writing and editing not only by his presidential letter and articles in the Journal but also by his book A Textbook of Christian Doctrine, published by Moody Press in 1955, and his recent editing of the volume on The Encounter Between Science and Christianity with the cooperation of other scientists whose writings were printed by Eerdmans. Numerous technical papers have risen from his research in solid state physics as well as the Wiley text Photoconductivity of Solids, and a forthcoming volume by McGraw-Hill on Electronic Properties of Crystalline Solids.

Dr. Bube is Professor of Materials Science and Electrical Engineering at Stanford University where he was host to the ASA convention in 1967.

Dr. Bube not only stands tall in his own person but also in his Presbyterian church and in other evangelical endeavors such as Inter-Varsity and Evangelical Theological Society.

The present editors hand the journal to Richard Bube with confidence in his own ability and in that of the ones he chooses to cooperate with him in this valuable contribution of keeping the Christian faith clear and forceful in the modern world.