Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 19 Number 2    June 1967

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The Solution of Seeming Contradictions: Not Either-Or But Both-An [HTML]          33    Neidhardt, W. Jim Article
Science and Religion in Space Exploration [HTML]          35    Johnson, Rodney W. Article
Wanted: A Christian Theory of Personality [HTML]          39    Collins, Gary R. Article
Advance in the Last Twenty-Five Years in Psychology [HTML]          45    Barkman, Paul F. Article
Psychotherapists View Religious Behavior [HTML]          48    Walker, C. Eugene Article
Some Notes on the Debate in Psychology [HTML]          50    Andrews, Allan R. Article
The Sequence of Causal Analysis in the Social Sciences [HTML]          53    Heddendorf, Russell Article
The Computer Revolution [re. Williams, v. 8.2] [HTML]          60    Kapple, Frank Letter to the Editor
Divisions of Geologic Periods [HTML]          60    Boardman, Donald C. Letter to the Editor
Warfield and the Antiquity of Man [HTML]          61    Seely, Paul H. Communication
Response to Seely [re. 'Warfield and the Antiquity of Man', p. 61 [HTML]          62    Buswell, James O., III Letter to the Editor
Leith's Law [HTML]          62    Leith, T. H. Letter to the Editor
The Sources of Science [HTML]          63    Parelius, Daniel Arthur Letter to the Editor
God's Man Is Who I Am [HTML]          64    Wetther, Sandra Letter to the Editor
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