Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 19 (June 1967): 64.

A spec of cosmic dust-
A germ within a cell-
A cog to turn a wheel-
A link in a leaden chain
Oh no, for I've the inexpressible joy 
To scream-
    I am God's manl

Not a cosmic particle, 
Nor an insiginificant germ; 
Not a mere mechanical cog, 
Nor a lifeless leaden link! 
Oh, no, for I can love and feel and think! 
Yes, I must repeat-
    I am God's man!

They say I'm really ape-like,
A monkey running 'round; 
They call it evolution
One cell - some change - and man. 
But oh, the special wonder 
Of a God-created man-
I am God's man!

Yes, I can love and feel and think-
I can even feel it hurt way down deep. 
I can hear music and my whole body sings I have life and love and more - and God gave them all to me! 
Cosmic, insignificant, mechanical, or lifeless-
Oh, how can it be?!?
    I am God's maul

I peel an orange and taste its citric tartness-
I pick a jasmine blossom and its fragrance fills my head. 
I piece a poem together and find my own expression-
I perceive complete fulfillment in the one I'll find to love. 
Impossible that I just happened, 
Or developed bit by bit-
    I am God's man!

"And man became a living soul." So says the Holy Book;
A universe of order,
A God of love, yet righteous,
A God-created Adam-
Oh, how I believe it-
    I am God's man!

* Sandra Wetther is at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California.