Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 18 Number 1    March 1966

Theology and Psychoanalysis [HTML]          2    Pattison, E. Mansell Article
The Whole and the Sum of Its Parts: A Unifying Perspective on Man [HTML]          8    Bube, Richard H. Article
Cosmogony -- Science, Myth, and Genesis [HTML]          12    Page, Robert M. Article
Science and Beginning [HTML]          15    van der Ziel, Aldert Article
Reports on the Sessions of the International Conference on Scienc [HTML]          19    Buswell, James O., III Article
A Brief Report on Cybernetics, Determinism, and Free Will [HTML]          21    Moberg, David O. Article
The Study of Speciation [HTML]          23    Cassel, J. Frank Article
Evolution [HTML]          24    Cassel, J. Frank Communication
The Meaning of Creation [HTML]          25    Hearn, Walter R. Article
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