Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


J. H. Shrader
Waterville, Vermont

From: JASA 18 (June 1966): 61

This article (John A. McIntyre, December, 1965) stimulates me to add that the academic (and professional) disciplines of economics, political "science," social "science," education, and even psychology are structured as if the fundamentals of religion did not exist. They comprise no components of morality or spiritual emphasis as expressive of religious (spiritual) needs. No wonder our world today ignores religion. Even in our church-related colleges, we teach students that the above subjects have no place in the religious picture-or better said, religion has no relevance.

McIntyre calls for the A.S.A. to get busy and do something constructive in these fields. If the A.S.A. does not ' who is there that is capable or interested? Instead of devoting our energy to defensively warding off the attacks of adverse critics, we should (as responsible Christian men of science) take the offensive. "The best defense against an enemy's fire is a well-directed one of your own," said Napoleon. Someone else has said that "continents are not discovered in the harbor."