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From: JASA 17 (December 1965): 128

On March 11th (1965) I met with a group in Tokyo who are very much interested in forming a "Japan Scientific Affiliation." Enclosed is a picture of these men who are identified as follows:

Left to Right

Mr. Takahashi, IVCF staff
Mr. H. Ariga, General Secretary of Japan IVCF
Dr. Hama, Meiji Gakuin University-Biology
Dr. Minato, Int. Christian University-Chemistry
Dr. Sugeno, Tokyo University--Physics & Metallurgy
Dr. Morita, Tokyo Institute of Technology-Control E
Dr. Omura, Toritsu University-Philosophy
Dr. Yamamoto, Tokyo University-Medicine
Mr. 11L Griffiths, Japan I1VCF staff
Mr. Abe, Kanto Gakuin University-Engineering

I was much impressed with these men and their desire to learn more about the ASA. Further, I felt that the members of ASA would be much interested in this international influence they are having. The

"Spark plug" of this is TEAM missionary, Rev. John S. Schwab of the Ochanomizu Student Christian Center, 
I 2-Chome Surugadai Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

F. Alton Everest
Moody Institute of Science
947 Stanford St.
Santa Monica, California