Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Frank Cole

From: JASA 16 (September 1964): 94.                                      Hearn responds

I wonder if Mr. Hearn would give his explanation concerning several points that seem to me to be obstacles to harmonizing theistic evolution with Biblical inerrancy (revelational inerrancy or arbitrary inerrancy):

1. Could he comment on John Klotz's three paragraphs beginning "But there is an even more striking reason for interpreting Genesis I to 3 literally." (Journal of A.S.A. 15:84-85, Sept. 1963).

2. The Bible gives genealogies from Adam to Jesus Christ (admittedly gaps exist). Where do they cease being parabolical or symbolical and begin listing actual people? And what are these early names symbolical of? (Note Klotz's two paragraphs on p. 84 beginning "Is it possible that this is saga or myth?")

3. Are the Hiddekel and Euphrates rivers actually rivers? If only symbolical, why did the author choose to use the names of existing rivers?

As far as I can remember these most crucial points have never been discussed by those ASA members who are inclined toward some form of theistic evolution. Bernard Ramn's article in the same issue cannot be meaningful until it also deals with these matters.

Frank Cole
Royal Oak, Michigan