Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor



From: JASA 16 (December 1964): 128.

To answer Dr. Roux's mistaken belief that I am "too biblically minded", p. 64, JASA 16(2), 1 count this a compliment of which I am not yet worthy. The answer to Dr. Moberg's query, p. 35, of that same issue, "Can anyone be 'too biblically minded'?" is negative. Evidence from numerous Scriptures including Psalm 119 and Deuteronomy 6:4-9 shows that it is well-nigh impossible to err by being too Biblical. It behooves all of us in ASA to immerse ourselves more deeply in Scriptures. Chances are that none of us will ever be Word-centered enough to be worthy of the phrase "too biblically minded."

The answer to Dr. Roux's scientific objections comes from the data themselves which can be examined in JASA 15(4):107 ff.

1. Although the prickly pear is an "invader" (as Dr. Roux indicated) it is true that the foolish ostrich is one of the few creatures that will consistently kill itself by overindulging in these plants.

2. The Bible was written to the entire genus Homo despite the limited scientific or professional vocabularies that some may have in the 20th century. An ostrich that pulls its head off in a fence, poisons itself with swallowed pennies, or runs off on its chicks is behaving  foolishly from the human standpoint. There is no conflict.

3. Fundamentalists did not originate the judgment that ostriches are deprived of wisdom. This idea was perpetrated by the Sovereign Jehovah. Dr. Roux admitted this but then proceeded to deny it.

4. The data of Schreiner and Martin indeed came from agricultural situations. The Scripture account is in complete agreement with these data, nonetheless. Damir confirms similar nesting negligence among the wild birds.

If the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God to all men, then we would expect Biblical accuracy to the last scientific detail-as demonstrated in my previous article. Such scientific confirmations may disturb some people but they do not upset fundamentalist biologists. The apostle Paul exhorts young Timothy (and ASA scientists!) to remain true to fundamentals. 

George F. Howe

Chairman, Division of Natural Science Westmont College

Santa Barbara, California