Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 15 Number 3    September 1963

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Christian Commitment and Evolutionary Concepts [HTML]          69    Anderson, V. Elving & Moberg, David O. Article
Theological Reactions to the Theory of Evolution [HTML]          71    Ramm, Bernard Article
The Tennessee Anti-Evolution Law [HTML]          77    Artist, Russell C. Article
The Mississippi Anti-Evolution Law [HTML]          78    Maatman, Russell Article
A Roman Catholic Statement on Evolution [HTML]          79    Conway, J. D. Article
Theistic Evolution: Some Theological Implications [HTML]          82    Klotz, John W. Article
A Perspective on Scriptural Inerrancy [HTML]          86    Bube, Richard H. Article
Notes on Evolution [HTML]          93    Knobloch, Irving W. News and Notes
The Perpetual Dialogue [HTML]          93    Howe, G. F. News and Notes
Southern Baptists, Genesis, and Education [HTML]          94    Hearn, Walter R. News and Notes
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