Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor



From: JASA 15 (September 1963): 100.

I was so glad to read of Dr. Tinkle taking a stand for Christ in your Journal. I feared that he had gone to the apes, like the majority of you. Dr. John Howitt of Canada also wrote his timely disapproval of the present evolutionary trend among us. He and I have agreed on this issue since 1946. Although the trend is toward theistic evolution, there are a few other members . . . who oppose it.

Dr. Tinkle has well said that the evolution you now advocate is definitely not Christian. Evolution tends to be supported, not by a theism at all, but rather by the pantheism of emergent evolution. We remember the days when A.S.A. first organized. We were all against evolution then. Satan has thus worked fast to bring us to such a compromise ....

Indeed, Fundamentalism seems to have departed from our deliberations, and Neo-evangelicalism, that curse of compromise, has taken its place.

However there are distinctively Christian institutions such as Bob Jones University and Tennessee Temple College where we are not ashamed to be called Fundamental-because we are not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

Philip B. Marquart, M.D. Tennessee Temple College Chattanooga, Tennessee