Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 14 Number 3    September 1962

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Ethical Decisions of Christians in Science: Introduction to a Sym [HTML]          66    Moberg, David O. Communication
The Industrial Scientist: Money, Time, and Achievement [HTML]          67    Bohon, Robert L. Article
Ethical Decisions in Social Science Research [HTML]          71    Francis, Roy G. Article
Personal Decisions in Biomedical Research [HTML]          74    Anderson, V. Elving Article
New Testament Christianity and the Morality of Capital Punishment [HTML]          77    Ericsson, Dwight Article
Some Ethical Decisions in the Practice of Medicine [HTML]          79    Burton, J. Richard Article
Psychotherapy and the Patient's Ethical System [HTML]          82    Larson, F. Wilmer Article
Human Responsibility Viewed by a Theologian [HTML]          84    Rozentals, Janis Article
Assyria and the Bible [HTML]          85    MacRae, Allan A. Communication
Thoughts of a Christian Biochemist [HTML]          87    Hearn, Walter R. Communication
Philosophical Anthropology [HTML]          90    Knudsen, R. D. Communication
Sociology: A Defense [part 3 of 4] [HTML]          91    Heddendorf, Russell Communication
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