Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 14 (December 1962): 126

In regard to editorial policies of the JASA, I think each issue should include editorial comment, which does not need to be limited to comment on the articles in that issue.

One matter, however, deeply concerns me. It is the tendency for the ASA to follow the lead of liberal churches in accepting the interpretation that the evolutionists are correct in describing the development of living things but that God guided the whole process. This is not, as some think, one Christian interpretation; it is not Christian. Evolution is founded upon natural selection through struggle for existence, in which whatever animal happens to be more violent or otherwise better fitted to succeed will survive while the others perish. Such a process is-by definition-unguided by God or by any other power.

Such theology seems to be accepted by liberal theologians in order to be intellectually respectable and to avoid a fight. Then they are content to quote authorities instead of looking into the facts. It is well to avoid a fight, provided there is nothing at stahe,- but in this case the belief of children in the Bible is at stake.

Should such articles be published, I suggest that you follow the article with another which states our position of direct and planned creation.

Editorial comment:

The ASA has no official position on evolution, or any other issue. Can there indeed be any one Christian interpretation of Genesis and related passages as long as Christians remain human, hence finite beings who know only in part, seeing things as if "in a glass darkly"?

Furthermore, is it not possible that God may have worked through a biological process of natural selection? Is it possible for the omnipotent Sovereign of the Universe to create through a process? Is He involved only in momentary or sudden fiat acts?

Has anyone made a careful scientific study of the influence of theistic evolution on Christian faith as distinct from faith in human interpretations of the Bible?

D. 0. K