Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 14 (December 1962): 125-126.

Although I probably qualify as a student-I am a fourth year resident in Child Psychiatry-I feel that the dues of the ASA have been so modest and so disproportionate to value received from the journal alone that raising them nominally as proposed on the grounds given for the new dues schedule is justified . .

I have especially appreciated recent articles in the Behavioral Science field. Everyone writes about the existence of an entity called "Christian Psychiatry," but no one seems to define it! It is to the ASA that I look to provide the leadership to make some sense in this critical area.

William D. Sherman, M. D. Seattle, Wash.

Editorial comment:

Dr. Sherman's question deserves an answer. A related question is whether there indeed is any such entity as a Christian biological science, physical science, or social science. We will welcome brief contributions as well as full-length articles from our readers on this subject.

D. 0. M.