Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 13 (
June 1961): 34.

Last year the American Scientific Affiliation sponsored the book, Evolution and Christian Thought Today, edited by Dr. Russell Mixter. This volume has been read by many thoughtful Christians and has received the recognition of Eternity magazine as the outstanding evangelical book published in 1960.

On February 17, 1961, several of the authors of this volume participated in a symposium entitled, "Origins and Christian Thought Today," sponsored by the Division of Science of Wheaton College (Illinois). It was the purpose of this meeting to consider the scientific evidence on the subject of origins as well as to discuss the various views of the interpretation of this evidence held by evangelical Christians. The divergence of opinion among attending scientists, as well as philosophers and theologians, was expressed in lively question and answer periods following the prepared papers and the panel discussion.

The members of the Division of Science of Wheaton College constantly assert their faith in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and the validity of the Scriptures. A belief that God's truth as it is found in the written Word must be consistent with His truth as it is revealed in the natural world stimulates their examination of scientific data and discussion of its relationship to Scripture. They appreciated the opportunity to consider these issues with the speakers in the symposium, even though the views expressed by the speakers were not necessarily those held by Wheaton College faculty members. They also appreciate the willingness of this journal to publish the four main papers of the meeting. Reprints of these articles are available from Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois.