Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor




I was pleased to read Dr. Knobloch's review of our book, Darzein, Evolution and Creation in the Decemher, 1960, issue of The Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation. Dr. Knobloch indicates that he was puzzled by the statement that the uranium-lead method is limited to rocks of less than a million years in age. I think both he and your readers would appreciate knowing that this was an unfortunate typographical error in the book. Actually the statement is intended to say that the uranium-lead method is used primarily in dealing with rocks greater than a million years in age. The reason for this lies, of course, in the long half life of the uranium isotopes. I am glad that Dr. Knobloch called attention to this, since it provides me with the opportunity to make this correction.

Very sincerely yours, Paul A. Zimmerman

Concordia Teachers College 8W North Columbia Ave.

Seward, Nebraska