Science in Christian Perspective



I. W. Knobloch, Ph.D.
The Role of Students in Intellectual and Political Advance

From: JASA 12 (December 1960): 110.

Too often we tend to think that advances in the various fields of knowledge are made by the professionals such as teachers and statesmen. That this is generally true, there can be little doubt. A fine subject for a Ph.D. thesis would be the role that students have played in shaping our destinies. One calls to mind the student revolts in many of the South American countries, in Hungary, and elsewhere. That these have had an effect must go without debate. A recent pamphlet of the Society for Freedom in Science, "Opposition Aroused in China by Marxist Planning of Scientific Research," Occ. Pamphlet No. 19, Dec. 1959,* points up the argument given above. It appears that China recognizes that it cannot get a place in the sun without her intellectuals and yet she does not wish them to 'have unrestricted power and freedom. Both students and faculties in various universities have revolted against thought control forced upon them by the state. The government is committed to a policy of socialism and all her intellectual effort must be channeled in this direction. Those who are freethinkers have had and will continue to have rough sledding.

*This pamphlet may be obtained from Dr. John R. Baker, Dept. Zoology, Univ. Museum, Oxford, England, at 1/9. One may join this society for $1.50 per year American money by applying to the gentleman mentioned above.

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