Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 11 Number 4    December 1959

The Editor's Views [editorial] [HTML]          2    Eggenberger, Delbert N. Communication
The Need for an Evangelical Philosophy of Science [HTML]          3    Leith, Thomas H. Article
American Culture in the Light of Scriptural Principles: [HTML]          15    Moberg, David O. Article
New Testament Political Principles and American Constitutional Pr [HTML]          16    Peterson, Walfred H. Article
An Evaluation of the Fossil Record [HTML]          24    Mixter, Russell L. & Bullock, W.L. & Cassel, J.F. Article
Evaluation of the Fossil Record [a Reply] [HTML]          26    Bullock, Wilbur L. Letter to the Editor
Evaluation of the Fossil Record: Comments [HTML]          26    Cassel, J. F. Letter to the Editor
Christian Faith and the Public School [HTML]          31    Dow, V. Communication
Sociological Change [HTML]          33    Heddendorf, Russell Communication
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