Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 11 (December 1959):

F. Alton Everest and Irwin A. Moon published a paper entitled "A Film Processing Machine of Flexible Characteristics" in the Journal of the SMPTE 67, 758 (November 1958). Mr. Everest and Charles V. Gratz also published "Supplementary Lens Brought up to Date" in PMI - Photo Methods for Industry.

"Scientific Discoveries and the Christians," Joseph T. Bayly. The Sunday School Times 101, 471 (June 20, 1959). Included are the I.V.C.F. Editor's observations on this vital subject.

"Human Artificial Insemination" L. G. Underwood. Gordon Review 5, 59 (1959). A recent development of sociological impact, the author brings the subject into the open, with the hope that it will be studied from the standpoint of Christian morals before premature judgments are made.

Some extended summaries of the 1959 A.S.A. - E.T.S. Convention in Chicago appeared in the Christion Press. United Evangelical Action, organ of the N.A.E. had as its feature article "No Conflict between These Scientists and Theologians" by Dr. J. Barton Payne in the August 1959 issue.

F. Alton Everest was honored recently with a Doctor of Science degree, conferred upon him by Wheaton College. Dr. Everest's leadership in the field of Christianity and Science is exemplified by his work as Associate Director of Moody Institute of Science and as the first President of the American Scientific Affiliation. He has also made major contributions in electrical engineering and, more recently, in motion pictures, not as a contender for an Oscar but in unique devices and methods in both recording and processing.

"Evolution versus Creation - In Retrospect and Prospect." Wilbur L. Bullock, Gordon Review 5, 74 (1959). Dr. Bullock here attempts to clear away the misinterpretations of both evolution and Biblical creation. He presents a set of working principles to keep the student of the subject on a reasonable course.

"The Nature of Theistic Apologetics." Arthur F. Holmes. Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society 2, 1 (Spring 1959). A critical survey is made of some philosophical bases of the resurgence of interest in theistic apologetics.

Several articles of anthropological and sociological interest have appeared in recent issues of Practical Anthropology as follows:

"The Moral Implications of Social Structure." William A. Smalley. 6, 140 (1959). A letter and reply by Dr. Smalley appears as an editorial which amplifies a similar topic published earlier.

"The Role of Cultural Anthropology in Christian Missions." Eugene A. Nida 6, 110 (1959). Dr. Nida suggests that the most important service of the study of culture is to provide a basis of communication.

"The Function of Religion in Society." Robert B. Fox, 6, 212 (1959). Religious beliefs and social organization are interrelated and, the author also points out, missionary efforts are sometimes followed by complicated readjustments in family life as a result of conversion.

"The Sixth Window." Irwin A. Moon. Moody Monthly, 13 (September 1959). The Manager of Moody Institute of Science discusses sense perception in preparation for a new film on that subject.

Eternity magazine has recently published articles of particular interest to many in the A.S.A. few of these follow. "Why a Scientist Must Believe," WarrenWeaver 17 (July 1959). Dr. Weaver, a vice-president of Rockefeller Foundation, compares and contrasts as applied to science and religion.

"Will We Lose God in Outer Space?" C. S. Lewis 14 (November 1959). Always interesting reading, Lewis faces the problems that come to mind concerning life elsewhere in the universe.