Science in Christian Perspective



Walter R. Hearn, Ph.D.

From JASA 10 (March 1958): 22-23.

Important Notice: If you plan to attend the A.C.S. meeting in San Francisco and would like to meet other A.S.A. members there, notify Dr. Richard L Ferni, 7421 Park Vista, El Cerrito, California, as soon as possible. Dr. Ferm has graciously agreed to make arrangements for a lunch or dinner meeting, and it will make things much easier for him if he knows how many to plan for. I know from correspondence that many of you plan to attend and I know you would enjoy getting together. Harold Hartzler reported that seventeen A.S.A. members held a fine dinner ineeting during the A.A.A.S. meeting in Indianapolis in December. If you have any suggestions or preferences for the type of get-together, let Dr. Ferm know when you drop him your letter or postcard. And don't forget to thank him for setting it up!

Notice to Biochemists, Physiologists, Nutritionists, and Others: Those of you who plan to attend the Federation meetings in Philadelphia in April be sure to drop me a postcard or letter: Dr. Walter R. Hearn, Department of Chemistry, Iowa State College, Ames, Iowa. I'm sure there are at least a dozen of us who will be in Philadelphia for those meetings and I think we should try to get together. If enough of you let me know soon enough, I will try to have one of our members there make arrangements for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner meeting, and notify you of the plans in advance.

This column is being written for the March issue before the December issue has been out long enough for you chemists to let me know what you think of having our own column, but many of you ' have been replying to my letter of inquiry. In fact, so many have replied already that I can fill tip this column and have enough left over for the next issue. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to introduce yourselves - and it is certainly clear that all of you are busy, both in professional activities and in Christian service. Those of you who haven't answered my letter yet need not apologize for putting it off, since this is only a quarterly journal, but do send me some information about yourself and your work when you can find the time. And to those of you who have already checked in, remember to keep me up to date on your activities and accomplishments. If you are a chemist and did not receive my letter asking for information, forgive me for overlooking you, and write to me anyway.