Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 9 Number 4    December 1957

Complete Issue [PDF]
Report on 1957 ASA-ETS Meeting [HTML]          3    Buswell, James O., III Communication
Crossing in Relation to the Origin of New Groups [HTML]          5    Tinkle, William J. Article
How the Study of Science Has Increased My Faith [HTML]          7    Hartzler, H. Harold Article
The Scientific Method and Faith [HTML]          12    Sinclair, John C. Article
Anthropology on LP: 'The Ways of Mankind' [HTML]          14    Buswell, J. O., III Communication
Relation of the Dead Sea Scrolls to Christianity [HTML]          15    MacRae, Allan A. Communication
Ecological Complexity [HTML]          17    Klotz, J. W. Communication
Introduction to Chemistry Column [HTML]          18    Hearn, Walter R. Communication
Sputnik and the Philosophy of Education [HTML]          19    Knudsen, R. D. Communication
Controlling Thoughts [HTML]          21    Marquart, Philip B. Communication
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