Science in Christian Perspective





At the last annual convention of the Affiliation a symposium was held on extrasensory perception. In this issue of the journal are published the papers given at the symposium.

It should be pointed out that these papers represent the opinions and works of the authors and not of the Affiliation. This of course is true of all papers published in the journal. The subject of parapsychology is a rather controversial one at this time and individual feelings toward the subject, on the part of ASA members, range from belief to scepticism. 

New Book

The forthcoming book on the Darwin centennial is coming along well, under the editorship of Dr. R. L. Mixter. One chapter in preliminary form was published in the last issue of the journal.

Part of the reason for printing these chapters is to get suggestions before they are put into final form, which we believe will be appreciated by the authors. Probably time will not permit us to publish all the chapters in this way. They are appearing in the order in which they have been made available to the journal.