Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 8 Number 2    June 1956

Complete Issue [PDF]
[reviews of 'Man's Unknown Ancestors' by R.W. Murray and [HTML]              Knobloch, Irving W. Review
The Paradoxes of Mathematics [HTML]          3    Dilworth, R.P. Article
The Christian Physician and 'Faith Healing' [HTML]          6    Rouch, Jon H. Article
Karl Heim and the Transformation of the Scientific World View [HTML]          10    Knudsen, Robert D. Article
Comments on Dr. Knudsen's Review of Karl Heim [8.2 p. 10-15] [HTML]          14    Paul, W. W. Communication
LIFE's 'Epic of Man' [HTML]          16    Buswell, J. O., III Communication
Linguistic Analysis and Scientific Truth [HTML]          18    Young, William Letter to the Editor
[re. 'How to Live 365 Days a Year' by John A. Schindler [HTML]          19    Marquart, Philip B. Letter to the Editor
Blumer's Analytical Values [HTML]          19    Houser, Frank E., Jr. Letter to the Editor
re. review of Ramm's 'The Christian View of Science & Scripture' [HTML]          21    Kuschke, Arthur W., Jr. Letter to the Editor
[response to Kuschke, p. 21] [HTML]          22    Buswell, James O., III Letter to the Editor
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