Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 7 Number 3    September 1955

American Scientific Affiliation, History and Purpose [HTML]          3    Hartzler, Harold H. Article
Evangelical Theological Society, History and Purpose [HTML]          5    Goddard, B. L. Article
The Definition and History of Biblical Hermeneutics [HTML]          9    Van Til, Henry R. Article
Definition and History of Biblical Hermeneutics [HTML]          9    Van Til, H. R. Article
Bases of Scriptural and Scientific Investigation [HTML]          15    Paul, William W. Article
A Sound Protestant Hermeneutic Faces the Facts of Science [HTML]          20    Mickelsen, Berkeley Article
A Physical Scientist Defines the Scientific Method [HTML]          24    Weaver, Henry D., Jr. Article
The Scientific Method as Viewed by a Historian [HTML]          26    Miller, Charles J. Article
The Role of Statistics in the Scientific Method [HTML]          30    Dilworth, R.P. Article
Scientific Facts and Theology [HTML]          32    Buswell, J. Oliver, Jr. Article
Difficulties Concerning Biblical Chronology and their Solution [HTML]          37    Thiele, Edwin R. Article
Some of the Problems of Chronology in Genesis [HTML]          43    Wyngaarden, Martin J. Article
The Impact of Geological Dating upon the Interpretation of [HTML]          46    Feely, Herbert Article
The Unity of the Race: Genesis 1-11 [HTML]          50    Schultz, Samuel J. Article
Racial Dispersion [HTML]          52    Harris, R. Laird Article
Summary and Comments (on Joint ASA-Evangelical Theology Society M [HTML]          54    Young, G. Douglas Communication
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