Science in Christian Perspective



Delbert N.Eggenberger

From: JASA 7 (September 1956):

In the content of this issue of the journal we have deviated from the regular fare. Instead are included the entire set of papers presented at the joint meeting of the American Scientific Affiliation and the Evangelical Theological Society held at Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Indiana, on June 21-24, 1955.

This meeting was conceived, for the purpose of becoming acquainted with each other, discussing our mutual problems, and planning ways of integrating the contributions that each group can provide. That the meeting was successful is evidenced by the enthusiasm engendered toward continuing such joint gatherings.

The papers are presented in toto without benefit of refereeing or other critical examination. This was done in the interest of expediting their publication in as short a time as possible. The views presented in papers and comments are to be considered those of the individual, and which may or may not be shared by others in either group. Since both groups are interested in free and open discussion in order to arrive at conclusions, there is, of course, great diversity in viewpoints on many matters.

The discussions on each paper have undergone major surgery and, in general, only significant contributions have been included.