Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Re: Calvin Forum Articles on Christian Evidences
William Paul

From: JASA 7 (June 1955): 25.

Dear Harold:

Readers of the A.S.A. Journal may possibly find of some interest four articles which have recently appeared in The Calvin Forum dealing with Christian evidences. "We Need Specialized Evangelism" (Feb., 1954) urges cooperation among Christian scholars in the setting forth of the different aspects of our system of evidences and urges the practical application of the same in evangelism.

The three remaining articles deal with "The Methodology of Christian Evidences" (May, June, July, Aug.-Sept., 1954). Problems dealt with include an analysis of "faith" and its relationship to a reasonable presentation of evidences, the nature of "facts" and their appropriation in witnessing to different types of individuals, the need for orienting our Biblical approach to the contributions and challenges of contemporary theology and philosophy as well as science, and the utilization of the scientific methodology (with the proper understanding of its nature and limitations) in the gathering of evidential data from God's special and general revelations and in the cooperative presentation of the "reason for the hope that is within us" to men.

Yours in His service,
William Paul